How It Works

You could be part of our next ad campaign! Film a 30 second to 1 minute audition video of YOU answering the following (replace [BRAND] with your company):

"At [BRAND] having _______________ really matters. It makes me want to come to work and make a difference every day!"

And Answer One Question

  • How do you describe [BRAND] to your friends and neighbors?
  • What is your favorite team "win" of 2019 at [BRAND]?
  • What's one positive lesson you've learned since joining [BRAND]?

Use Your Phone

Record with your phone horizontally. Use a tripod, or ask a friend to help.

Record in HD

Welcome to 2019. Make sure your video camera is set to HD or 4K!

Eliminate Noise

Record in a quiet place. Turn off your TV and put the kids in another room.

Turn On Lights

We want to see YOU! Turn on the lights, and avoid filming in dark rooms.

Speak Clearly

Take your time. Speak loud and clear...and with confidence!

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